If applicable, the only reel it shows up on. If no parenthesis, it means this option is available on all three reels.

WormPot in Worms 4 Mayhem


  • Super Clusters: Weapons that release exploding clusters become more powerful.
  • Super Animals: Animal weaponry is more powerful.
  • Super Firearms: Gun weaponry (like the Shotgun) is more powerful.
  • Super Hand-to-Hand: Melee weaponry is more powerful.
  • Crates Everywhere: All available Crate types appear during each intermission between each turn,unless many are already on the ground. Similar to Crate Shower Effect.
  • Double Damage: All weapons can do up to twice as much damage as before.
  • Max Fall Damage: Falling (and landing) will do a lot more damage than usual.
  • Wind Affects All: All weapons become highly effected by the wind speed. Try using this inconjunction with a Concrete Donkey!
  • Max Health Drops: All Health Crates will give you 100 extra health.
  • No Cowards: Retreat Time is set to 0 seconds.
  • Low Gravity: Worms can jump higher and farther. Weapons will also knock them back more.
  • Wind Affects Guns: Guns (like the Shotgun) will be strongly affected by the wind. Have fun aiming!
  • No Blimp View: Self-explanatory. You can only aim through First-Person View.
  • Multiple Girders: You can place more than one Girder per turn.
  • No Bombing: You can't use Weapons (like Dynamite) in conjunction with Transport Utilities.
  • Vital Worm: A single worm on your team is crowned vital. If they die, you lose.
  • Super Secret Weapons: A random weapon in your inventory will do more damage than normal.
  • Wind Affects Worms: Wind speed will affect worms while jumping or falling.

Only on 1stEdit

  • Crate Drops Only: You can only collect useable weapons from Weapon Crates.